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Joey and I will publish podcasts at the rate of one per week starting on September 20, 2020. The list below shows pods that have been published as well as a tentative list of subjects for upcoming pods.

Published Podcasts

Episode 00: Trailer

Episode 01: Introduction

Episode 02: The Statue of Giordano Bruno

Podlet: Hunting for Signs of Strife
Among the Ruins

Episode 03. The Street of
Reconciliation (la via della Riconciliazione)

Podlet. Rome’s Street of
Reconciliation and Urban Planning 101

Episode 4. The Three Romes

Podlet. A Trip to Castelgandolfo

Episode 5. Introduction to Ancient Rome

Podlet. Rome’s Talking Statues

Future Podcasts

06. Overview of Christian Rome: Rome of the Popes

07. Overview of Modern Secular Rome: Rome of the People

08. The Colosseum: a First Visit

09. Vatican City and the Church that built the Basilica of St. Peter

10. The Vittoriano, the Massive Monument to Modern Italy: A Survey

Second Visit to the Colosseum: The Building Itself

Third Visit to the Colosseum: The Main Events

Fourth Visit to the Colosseum: How do we Judge It?

Second Visit to St. Peter’s Basilica: The Piazza

Third Visit to St. Peter’s Basilica: The Main Floor

Fourth Visit to St. Peter’s Basilica: Martin Luther’s Quarrel

Monte Garibaldi, aka the Janiculum Hill, and its Memories of the Risorgimento

The Monument and the Man: Camillo Benso, the Count of Cavour

The Monument and the Man: Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872)

The Other Sites of Modern Rome

Culture War #1: From Pagan to Christian

Culture War #2: From Christian to Modern